I have a dog

What do you expect? I’m retired, British. I live abroad. I rescued the beast from the countryside. He sits by my bed. Adores me.

I also have a  ‘Madonna without Child’ and a black tanit, several storks, a fish, and a couscoussier.

All from the women potters who live and work in Sejnane, between Tunis and Bizerte.  You don’t see it much in the shops / souqs. Small scale ‘domestic’ production. So it’s still ‘authentic’. Made by local women, using local clay, local techniques, local cow dung and straw.  Local prices too: dog about TND15 (£6)

Another advantage: it breaks easily, so you have an excuse to get back there and re-stock.  Of course, you could buy the same items in the trendy shops of La Marsa; where the couscoussier goes up from 25TND to 60TND. Still cheap. But you miss out on the experience of watching the women make the pots, paint the pots, make dung patties, construct the kilns, fire the pots. It’s ironic: that should enable them to charge more. But they don’t.


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